A Digital Collection from an Artist ahead of his time.


At Project Stan, we aim to showcase our Late Grandfather's work, releasing his masterpieces digitally in series of 1/1 NFTs on the Ethereum Network. We've enjoyed our Grandfather's art for many years, but we now believe NFTs provide the opportunity to share his work with a new audience.

About Us

Why Our Art Is Different:

Each piece in our collections were individually created by our Grandfather Stan, who over the span of 40 years as a digital artist and photographer, produced thousands of vibrant and thought-provoking masterpieces. Stan was actively creating new work until he left us on July 4th 2021 at the age of 87. We feel his life’s work belongs in this new digital age and we plan to share it with the world utilizing modern day blockchain technology.

The Rollout Plan:

We plan to release our art in collections based on the theme of the art and time period of creation. These collections will be available for mint directly from the Project Stan website. Collectors can view, list, and purchase works directly from the secondary market on the Official Project Stan OpenSea Page.

Official OpenSea Marketplace

Upcoming Art Drops:

Perceptions of Color Series

Mechanization Series

Abstract Arrangements Series

Community Airdrops:

Every Project Stan drop will have a number of pieces reserved for a community airdrops. To qualify for the airdrops, you simply must hold an official Project Stan NFT. Each Project Stan NFT you hold increases your chances of receiving an airdrop (think of each NFT as a raffle ticket).

Physical Prints

Stan's art is so fascinating that we think our collectors should have the chance to display their pieces in real life as well as in their crypto wallets. Each Project Stan NFT will have a corresponding physical print that each minter can choose to have sent to their home for a small shipping and handling fee. Collectors from the secondary markets will have the opportunity to purchase physical prints at a deeply discounted rate.

Stan Bowman

The Artist

Stan grew up in California, USA, received a BA in Architecture in 1964, and a MFA in photography from the University of New Mexico in 1973. Following graduation he was appointed as a professor at Cornell University in the Art Department where he taught photography and digital imaging for almost 30 years. In 1999 he retired from Cornell to pursue his career as an artist full time.

Stan’s works have been exhibited nationally and internationally for over 40 years as a photographer and digital artist. His artwork is in such collections as the San Francisco Museum of Art, Bibliotech National in Paris, German Photographic Society, and many other locations.

When it comes to his art, Stan was an explorer. Photography was first for him in the 1950's as it opened ways of seeing and picture making that he had not experienced before. Then in the 1980’s as the result of a Cornell University grant he was able to get state of the art (at that time) computer equipment and software and start looking for ways to make art through this new technology. Over the years computers and software have evolved in power and capabilities and hence his work as an artist using digital processes had expanded as well.

In 2004 Stan got his first iPhone and began using it as a camera which opened up a new way to capture images as his iPhone was always with him while his more sophisticated DSLR camera was not. However these first phone images were small and somewhat limited even though on the plus side he had many more image grabbing opportunities.

A few years later the iPhone suddenly leaped forward in capability and he also became aware that there were now many new apps for it. That started another round of exploration using new apps to transform images into something not previously seen. Apps had become available in a growing constant flow and offered extraordinary picture possibilities. He looked for new ones every day.

Stan’s work on this site shows his way of seeing and picturing using digital technology. Sometimes Stan used multiple apps transforming an iPhone image into something abstract, and even something he could not have even imagined. Often Stan didn’t know what he would get when he started even though he did have some favorite apps that yield familiar transformations. At times people would ask how did he know when to stop applying and using these apps? His reply was similar to many other artists, when he thought that it looked and felt right, then he knew that he was done.

Supporting these current works are his 60 plus years as an artist and before that 15 years as an architect in California which provided him with strong design and composition training. But he also loved textures and had been using apps that added layers of textures which hearken back to his early years in photography where images of peeling paint and weathered textures most often caught his attention as photographs. One could say that weathered texturing is a symbol, an awareness that life is about changes and continuing ongoing movement from something new to something old and back again, an ongoing never ending cycle.

Stan's Photography

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Stan's Resume

Who is Project Stan?

Ben Bowman

Project Lead & Marketing Manager
Grandson of Stan

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Marketing Associate & Content Contributor
Grandson of Stan

Edward Griffin

Strategy Advisor & Project Developer
Family Friend

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Community Manager & Project Developer
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Digital Collections

Collections on OpenSea

Perceptions of Color
Abstract Arrangements


Series 1

Coming Soon!

Abstract Arrangements

Series 1

Coming Soon!

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